About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of St. Catherine - St. Lucy School is to provide quality Christian Education within a Catholic context for parish students and students from the surrounding area. It is our task, as a community of faculty, students, parents and guardians (who are the primary caretakers and educators of their children) and parish staff to work together in building a strong educational and Christian environment.

Our school bases its educational program on the central message of Jesus in the Gospel: love of God, self and each other. In doing this, we provide our students with the necessary understanding to live in a multicultural world where peace, justice and equality are hopes for the future.

Our educational program reflects our commitment to the spiritual, intellectual, social and psychological needs of the students. We strive to provide a strong education in basic skills and to teach values that students will need in coping with the future. Because students are faced with a future of constant change, we must ensure that our educational program keeps pace with life as it exists, and provide the resources for our students to grow and prosper in an environment where the world community is struggling to find the true meaning of Christianity.

Success in these endeavors will be measured by the care and concern our students show others and by their ability to meet the challenge of the future.

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